Al-Tajweed offers a variety of Accounting Services such as:

Designing the workflow for accounting, keeping in view the statuary and management reporting requirements (i.e. Annual Reporting as per IFRS, Monthly/ annual profit loss, customer wise profit, project wise profit, location wise reporting etc.)

Suggestions/ recommendations regarding accounting software which may fulfill the reporting requirements.

Implementing the Software

Basic training off the staff for using the software

One month complementary staff support in accounting and software usage

Recording the transactions in the accounting software

Reviewing the hard/ supporting records (bills, payments, receipts, invoices etc.)

Monthly cash/ Bank reconciliations

Preparation of profit and loss statements periodically as per the management requirement

Finalization of balance sheet periodically as per the management requirement

Business Review meetings upon management request

Developing any kind of management reports

Helping in the design process of accounting policies and procedures (setting rules for treatment of certain transactions like capital and expense nature of transactions)